A Simply Good Website
Business Strategy · 07. May 2022
A Simply Good Website is a must-have for your business and will make you less dependent on social media. Do business on your terms.

Keeping It All Together
Getting Organized · 26. April 2022
What if you had all the documents you need to run, grow, and sell your business in one place? A place you have access to from anywhere, anytime? It's not sorcery, it's the Business MasterFile.

Taking Care Of Business
Business Care · 06. April 2022
Self-care mindset, boundaries, and mindfulness are all part of taking care of business, or more aptly, business care. I've created the guide the Simply Good Business Care, so you won't be left behind when your business takes off.

Are You Planning or Failing?
Planning · 03. September 2021
The Simply Good Business Planner will take you from best-laid plans to simply good planning.

Pandemic Business Lessons
Business Strategy · 29. July 2021
What have you learned about your business during the pandemic and have you changed anything about how you run your business? I'm sharing my lessons in this post.

Moving Forward
Planning · 11. June 2021
In business, it's never once and done. As business owners, we need to incorporate change into our business planning and allow new ideas to take hold. After all, we're here to put a dent in the universe - like Steve Jobs said - and that's not possible without change.

Simply Good Business in 31 Days
Business Strategy · 03. March 2020
Simply Good Business in 31 Days - with better time management, strategy, social media habits, and stress & workload management. Sign up for my email list to get the 31-day roadmap for free.

Quit Saying You're Sorry
Business Care · 04. February 2020
Quit saying you're sorry when you have nothing to apologize for and shift your perspective from being reactive and defensive to proactive and collaborative.

10 Rules for Simply Good Business
Business Strategy · 02. January 2020
What it means to do Simply Good Business and what I've learned from doing just that since taking my freelance business full-time in 2013.