Business Strategy

A Simply Good Website
Business Strategy · 07. May 2022
A Simply Good Website is a must-have for your business and will make you less dependent on social media. Do business on your terms.

Pandemic Business Lessons
Business Strategy · 29. July 2021
What have you learned about your business during the pandemic and have you changed anything about how you run your business? I'm sharing my lessons in this post.

Simply Good Business in 31 Days
Business Strategy · 03. March 2020
Simply Good Business in 31 Days - with better time management, strategy, social media habits, and stress & workload management. Sign up for my email list to get the 31-day roadmap for free.

10 Rules for Simply Good Business
Business Strategy · 02. January 2020
What it means to do Simply Good Business and what I've learned from doing just that since taking my freelance business full-time in 2013.