All You Need is a Landing Page

I work with many small business owners who don't need a full-fledged website. They just want to be able to share a link to their offering, show how awesome their business is, and collect email addresses so they can stay in touch with their customers {and find new customers, of course}. And - let's be real here - they also don't want to pay for a full website. Sound familiar? Then read on!


I've created dozens of websites over the years and have been looking for a way to create a web presence for entrepreneurs like you who don't want to blog or have an online shop but have an offer that just needs to be shared. An offer that people want to sign up for. An offer that will help you spread the word about your awesome business. A simple customized page that gives an overview of your business, what you are about, and what you have to offer.


You need a solution that's affordable for you and will help you level up.


A Simply Good Landing Page includes:

  • A custom forwarding domain for one year {hosted on GoDaddy}
  • Setup of a free MailChimp account with audience 
  • Creating of a customized fully responsive landing page to showcase your business and collect email addresses, link to your social media accounts; other links - including to documents - can be included {The page you're looking at is a MailChimp landing page, created on their free plan. Another example is right here.}
  • Your own pictures and logo or free stock images

Your investment: $379 {+GST}


Optional add-on:

  • Customized newsletter sign-up form
  • Automated Welcome message
  • Customized newsletter template

Your investment: $97.00 {+GST}



Fine print: MailChimp offers a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers. If you surpass that number with collecting email addresses, you have to continue on a paid plan; you will use the standard MailChimp terms & conditions as well as privacy policy, make sure it's suitable for you. SEO features are not available for this offer.


Get in touch with me to book your Simply Good Landing Page or with any questions you have!