Hi! I'm Kerstin.


I'm here to help you organize & simplify, so you can grow your business instead of babysitting it.


I'm a freelance writer, business coach, and reformed grudge holder. I live in a small town in Southern British Columbia, Canada, and I've been dreaming of being the next Grizzly Adams. As it turns out there is no cell service or internet in the remote wilderness; so log cabin life will have to wait for now.


I'm excited about what the new decade will bring and my theme for 2020 is: positive wipes. Yes, you read that right. Wipes, not vibes. Here's the story behind that: my husband had a bit of a discussion with a coworker and ended the conversation with "I have no room for that in my life, I want positive vibes only." When he came home and told me about it ~ thanks to his German accent ~ I heard: "I want positive wipes only" and I thought that's brilliant, because that's exactly what I want, too. Positive wipes only. So that's what you're getting from me in 2020, and you can follow the trail of positive wipes on Instagram.



I've been working one-on-one with clients since 2012 creating small business websites, social media strategy, copy, and business strategy. Getting organized and implementing systems has been a game changer for my clients and allowed them to level up. I'd love to help you as well, so let's chat! 


What else is there to say about me? I hold a trade certificate as a plumber, and also a degree in both business coaching and psychotherapy. Saying "no" to public speaking is one of my superpowers ~ I love working in the background and I'm happy to leave the spotlight to others and help them shine. 


What are your superpowers? I'd love to hear about it!